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A thoughtfully curated series of engaging and accessible activities designed to showcase our organization's goals and opportunities, with the invaluable support of the Metrobit Foundation. These events are crafted with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can participate. From providing accessible product demos and workshops to creating a welcoming environment for networking, our goal is to communicate our mission inclusively and offer opportunities for collaboration and partnership. With the backing of the Metrobit Foundation, we incorporate features such as accessible technology, sensory-friendly elements, and accommodating spaces. Each event is strategically planned to align with our objectives and create a universally enjoyable experience for all exhibition attendees.


Silent Revolution 2023
15 August 2023

Silent resolution in the context of interacting with individuals who are deaf generally refers to methods of resolving issues or communicating without relying on spoken language.

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Divyang Exhibition 2024
15 January 2024

In the tapestry of life, diversity is the thread that weaves a masterpiece.at the Divyang Exhibition 2024, where every story is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit, unfolding over 7 days of inspiration, empowerment, and boundless possibility.

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Our About

The Metrobit Foundation stands as a beacon of support and commitment to these noble goals. Together, with unwavering dedication, we strive to create a world where Divyang individuals are not only included but celebrated for the remarkable strengths they bring to our shared human experience.

In our pursuit of equality, we recognize the boundless potential within every Divyang individual. Our mission is to uplift and empower, ensuring that no limitations define their journey and that opportunities are as boundless as their aspirations.

Breaking barriers is not merely a goal; it's a collective endeavor to foster a world where dreams are achievable, achievements are celebrated, and contributions are valued. The Metrobit Foundation is committed to bridging the gap, providing unwavering support, understanding, and encouragement to ensure that the aspirations of Divyang individuals are met with the resources they deserve.

We understand that true inclusivity goes beyond leveling the playing field. Our aspiration is to cultivate an environment where Divyang individuals not only participate but lead, inspire, and contribute meaningfully to the collective success of humanity.

In the journey toward inclusivity, the Metrobit Foundation is dedicated to amplifying the voices and aspirations of Divyang individuals, recognizing that their diversity is not just a strength but a source of resilience and inspiration.

Empowering Divyang individuals is not just a goal for us; it's a shared responsibility. The Metrobit Foundation is committed to creating a world where everyone, regardless of ability, has the chance to realize their dreams.

Our overarching goal is to redefine perceptions and contribute to the creation of a society where Divyang individuals are not seen as challenges but as invaluable sources of inspiration and strength. With a clear mission, the Metrobit Foundation endeavors to support the aspirations of Divyang individuals, break down societal barriers, and pave the way for a future where everyone is included, valued, and celebrated.


"Good Exhibition lots of love to all participants & keep it up. Awaiting to see you in next Exhibiton."

Accutech Technologies

"Nice collection. I have appricated all of candidates. Thank you!"


"VIsited the Divyang Exhibition, the special have very crearively exhibited their talents. This creativity and art showcase is very awesome."


"I was a inspiring exhibition. If not only inspired me but also showed me talent and hardwork of them. All have something special in them."

"Great Exhibiton loved Divyang empowering young and old kinds. Thank you for the great collection."

"Very Good Initiative MetroBit Foundation & Keep it up. Wish to work together."

Hetal Shah

"Good work and Keep it up".

Shailendra Pant

"People work excellent as special hand made things."

"ખુબ જ સરસ પ્રદર્શન હતુ આવે ને ચાલુ આગળ કરતા રહેજો. અમે આવતા રહીશું."

Jinal Parikh

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