About Us

The Metrobit Foundation, standing as a beacon of support and commitment to the empowerment of Divyang individuals, invites you to join us not only in celebrating their remarkable strengths but in actively contributing to a more inclusive society. Your support can extend beyond job opportunities and into the realm of transformative change through donations.

By contributing to the Metrobit Foundation, you play a crucial role in fueling our initiatives that provide job placements, skill development, and holistic support for Divyang individuals. Your generosity becomes a lifeline, helping us create sustainable programs that open doors to employment, education, and personal growth.

Every donation is an investment in a brighter future, one where diversity is not just acknowledged but actively nurtured. The Metrobit Foundation strives to break down barriers and ensure that Divyang individuals not only find their place in the workforce but also thrive in a supportive and understanding environment.

To make a difference, consider making a donation today. Your support will directly impact the lives of Divyang individuals, empowering them to overcome challenges, realize their potential, and contribute meaningfully to society.

Join us in building a world where diversity is celebrated, opportunities are abundant, and everyone, regardless of ability, has the chance to lead fulfilling lives. Your donation is a powerful tool for change, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the individual, shaping a more inclusive and compassionate world for us all. Thank you for considering the Metrobit Foundation as a partner in this meaningful journey. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Our Team

Raksha Gevariya

Alpesh Gevariya

Chintan Suthar

Rupnarayan Kori

Rahi Patel

Sandip Patel